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Energy & Environment

Committed to carrying out our business in an environmentally, sustainable manner

A&L Goodbody recognises that high standards of Environmental Management are required to support our business management objectives and customer needs and therefore offer a valuable contribution towards the operational performance, environmental compliance and profitability of the Firm.

Our policies are supported by, and form part of our environmental and energy management systems, which are certified to ISO14001 and ISO50001 respectively.

A&L Goodbody understands that legislation sets minimum standards for compliance. With this understanding we work towards exceeding these minimum standards and compliance with the standards of our clients.

We are committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of our employees and others who may be affected by any of our company's operations or activities, and also to ensure that none of these activities are detrimental to the environment.

Evidence of our commitment to an environmentally friendly future is our involvement in paper recycling, reduction in energy usage, and through our waste recycling.

In order to reach our targets we have created our 'Step Up to Greener Working' programme, aimed at conducting our business in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Our current targets are:


Recent years have seen a significant reduction in our energy usage and we now aim to maintain, if not further reduce, our energy consumption.


Last year we purchased 14.1 million pages. Taking into account the growth of the business, we wish to maintain this figure and we actively encourage duplex printing where possible.


We are already achieving our 90% recycling target, so our goal is to maintain this figure as a minimum.


We continually monitor our water consumption and aim to reduce our usage by 2% based on last year's consumption.