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  • Mediation Act 2017 (03 October 2017)

    The Mediation Act 2017 (the Act) was signed into law on 2 October 2017 by the President.

  • Interim Legislation To Update Outdated Gambling Laws (13 October 2017)

    Further to our recent update, the Minister of State in the Department of Justice and Equality, Mr. David Stanton, has expressed an intention to bring forward the long awaited Gambling Control Bill (the GCB) by the end of 2017. The Government's Legislation Programme for Autumn 2017 notes that work is underway on the GCB. However, there has been no further information on when the draft of the GCB will be published, which is the next substantive step. Hence, there is no real prospect of the GCB getting on to the statute books this year

  • Disciplinary procedures - when HR's advice converts to HR's influence (13 October 2017)

    The Employment Appeal Tribunal (the EAT) has clarified the role Human Resources should play in disciplinary procedures. In the judgment of Ramphal –and- Department of Transport (UKEAT/0352/14/DA), the EAT held that, whilst a disciplinary or investigatory officer may seek guidance from Human Resources, when one considers matters of law and procedure, advice should not extend to issues of credibility and culpability.

  • Data Protection, Cyber Security and IP legislation coming down the track (10 October 2017)

    The Government has published its legislation programme for Autumn 2017. The programme lists priority legislation, legislation due to undergo pre-legislative scrutiny, and all other legislation it is working on. Listed below are the data protection, cyber-security and IP-related Bills coming down the track.

  • Irish Budget 2018 (10 October 2017)

    Budget 2018 reflects the continued recovery in the Irish economy aimed at delivering the Government's long held objective of balancing the books, promoting fairness and providing for sustained improvements in people's lives.

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