Enda Kerin Bachelor of Civil Law & French, UCC

There are several dimensions to the A&L Goodbody Trainee Development Programme. From top class on-the-job experience, to practical, formal learning, designed to enable trainees to develop the skills necessary to become leading international corporate lawyers. We have weekly Trainee Development Programme sessions, during which we learn about how our teams and practice areas work together and complement each other's skills. We also have extensive legal and training resources at our disposal and are always supported and know where to turn when faced with the most challenging legal issues. I found this support invaluable in helping my transition from university to life in the workplace.

Trainee solicitors also participate in a series of practical workshops, giving you the opportunity to learn in a simulated environment, before you have to meet these challenges for real. The other aspect of the training programme which I've found invaluable is the focus on developing your commercial and client skills, like business development, negotiation and client management skills. By the time you finish your traineeship, you don't just know about law, you know about business as well.