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Corporate Crime & Regulation Summit 2021

13 October 2021
8:45am - 1pm
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"So you've been hacked - how to manage the legal, regulatory and reputational risks of a cyberattack"

Your organisation's worst fears are realised – you've been hacked. Inside the 'situation room', formed in the immediate aftermath, our expert speakers work through the material issues which a company needs to consider and manage. 


This session will outline the key steps to be taken in the critical first 48 hours from a legal, regulatory, organisational, IT forensics, and law enforcement perspective.

Our experts will share their strategic and practical insights on both dealing with the crisis at hand, whilst minimising the future impact on the business.


Speakers: Katie O'Connor, A&L Goodbody (chair)/ Pat Ryan, Detective Superintendent, Garda National Cyber Crime Bureau/ Andrew Sheridan, A&L Goodbody/ Mairéad O'Brien, A&L Goodbody/ Magdalena Wojnowska, A&L Goodbody


"Culture in Action – Practical Steps to Enhance your organisation's Compliance Culture"

A lot has been said about the importance of culture in an organisation.  But what concrete steps can your business take in practice to enhance its compliance culture?  Hear industry leaders, in-house counsel and international investigations lawyers outline top practical steps they have seen work in enhancing an organisation's compliance culture.


Speakers: Dario Dagostino, A&L Goodbody (chair)/ Paul White, A&L Goodbody/ Feidhlimidh Wrafter, Assistant General Counsel, Western Union/ Peter Roebben, Chief Executive, United Bulgarian Bank/ David M Stuart, Partner, Cravath (Litigation, Investigations and Enforcement), Fiona Gallagher, Chief Executive Officer, Wells Fargo Bank International UC, Danielle O'Riordan, A&L Goodbody


"The buck stops here – Managing personal liability risk for senior management"

Even the best run companies occasionally find themselves in the public spotlight for a legal/ regulatory breach or governance failure. However, more recently we have seen increasingly vocal calls for 'heads to roll' regarding senior management and directors perceived to be responsible. 


There are a number of recent/ upcoming legal changes aimed at increasing the circumstances in which senior management and/or directors can be held legally accountable for such breaches. There can also be significant reputational consequences when a breach occurs.

This session will provide practical guidance on how to manage these expanding risks for senior management and directors.


Speakers: Kenan Furlong, A&L Goodbody (chair)/ John Kealy, Legal Director, Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company / Ian Drennan, Director of Corporate Enforcement, Karl Curran, Director, AON / Danielle Fleming, Legal Counsel, Regulatory and Litigation at TikTok/ Richard Marron, A&L Goodbody/ Kate Harnett, A&L Goodbody/ Duncan Inverarity, A&L Goodbody/ Eva Morris, A&L Goodbody


"Individual Accountability – Your first year living the Individual Accountability Framework and SEAR"

This talk will lead attendees through the 'story' of a year in the life of both implementation of, and living with, SEAR. During the talk, key subject matter experts will be brought on stage to address real-life scenarios and the 'what-if' surrounding good, and bad, implementation. The talk will show in a practical way how, by embracing the requirements of SEAR, firms will gain a competitive advantage over others in the market.


Speakers: Mark Devane, A&L Goodbody (chair)/ Noeleen Meehan, A&L Goodbody/ Christopher Jessup, A&L Goodbody


"How to avoid sweating the small (and not so small) stuff: managing operational risks in an internal investigation"

This session will set the law to one side and delve into the operational issues that often arise during investigations. Through the lens of a hypothetical fraud investigation case study, the panel will discuss: 


•  how to keep investigations on track and on budget

• how to resource your investigation team appropriately

• how to manage multiple and competing priority action items

• how to "futureproof" the work of the investigation team; and

• technology that can alleviate common investigation headaches.


Speakers: Louise Byrne, A&L Goodbody (chair)/ Eoghan Kenny, A&L Goodbody/ Karis McLarty, Chief Compliance & Data Privacy Officer, Clear Channel/  Sinéad Hayes, A&L Goodbody


"Freshly Laundered: Perspectives on AML"

A lively conversation and exchange of views on real-life AML pressure points, drawing on the perspectives and experiences of the panel members. The panel discussion will be informed by a consultation exercise, to be conducted in advance of the Summit, with a number of our regulated clients. Themes to be explored by the panel include EU AML reform package, guiding legal principles relating to digital identification and operational issues; challenges with the beneficial ownership requirements and understanding what robust AML governacne and oversight looks like. The approach will be a practical and solution-focused analysis of relevant issues.


Speakers: Paula Reid, A&L Goodbody (chair)/ Chris Martin, A&L Goodbody/ Kerill O'Shaughnessy, A&L Goodbody/ Mardie Hughes, Head of Financial Crime Compliance, Permanent TSB/ Michael Ashe, SC, QC, Law Library of Ireland


"When business meets politics – managing the risk of interaction with government and the public sector"

The Covid-19 crisis precipitated an enlarged role for government in the regulation of daily commercial life. This has served to accelerate a trend which has seen regular interaction with governmental institutions become a commonplace feature of the operations of most Irish corporates. This interaction, while productive, can pose risks for businesses.


If not managed appropriately, sensitive information can become public, e.g. via freedom of information requests. Falling foul of lobbying rules can result in criminal exposure and cause irreparable reputational harm to businesses. Increasingly-frequent requests to appear before Oireachtas Committees can also present significant legal and reputational issues.


This session will provide practical guidance and regulatory insights on how businesses that interact with the public sector can manage and mitigate these risks, covering disclosure requirements, regulatory expectation, compliance tips and pitfalls, as well as how to manage the scope for publicity and PR fallout.


Speakers: Nicholas Cole, A&L Goodbody (chair)/ Sherry Perreault, Head of Ethics and Lobbying Regulation, Standards in Public Office Commission/ Clara Gleeson, A&L Goodbody


"The evolution of enforcement and the Central Bank's vision for the Individual Accountability Framework"

Derville Rowland, Director General, Financial Conduct will deliver a keynote speech outlining the Central Bank's vision for the Individual Accountability Framework, reflecting on over a decade of the Central Bank of Ireland's use of enforcement as a credible deterrence to raise standards in the financial services sector and looking to the future regulatory strategy for effective enforcement.  


Derville will then be joined by ALG's Dario Dagostino for a short Q&A interview on the Individual Accountability Framework and the future of enforcement.

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