CPD - Corporate Crime Summit 2022

The Corporate Crime and Regulation Summit is eligible for CPD with the Law Society of Ireland and Institute of Banking . All attendees will receive a certificate of attendance in the days following the event. 

  • Law Society of Ireland - Solicitors can claim 4 hours Regulatory CPD for attendance.
  • Institute of Banking - Sessions that have been accredited are listed below with their relevant designations. Codes will be printed on the certificates of attendance.

Expect the unexpected - Practical steps to enhance your organisation's operational resilience 

  • 1 CPD hour

Designations: LCOI | FCOI (Complaince) | Certified Bank Director | Charterd Banker | Professional Banker

Managing corporate risk - the regulators' and law enforcers' perspective

  • 1 CPD Hour

Designations: LCOI | FCOI (Compliance) | CFCPP

Anatomy of a Regulatory Enforcement Investigation 

  • 1 CPD Hour 

Designations: LCOI | Professional Banker | Chartered Banker | Certified Bank Director | FCOI (Compliance) | Accredited Funds Professional 

The not so silent S in ESG - Are you listening? 

  • 1 CPD Hour
Designation  CPD Scheme Relevant to MCC Product Category
QFA Savings & Investments MCC
CPD Member Savings & Investments MCC
RS CPD Savings & Investments MCC
Professional Banker N/A
Chartered Banker N/A
Certified Bank Director N/A
FCOI (Ethics) N/A
FCOI (Compliance) N/A
Wealth Management Professional N/A
Accredited Funds Professional N/A

When the whistle blows - a 'how to' guide to dealing with a whistle blowing complaint under the new whistle blowing regime

  • 1 CPD Hour
Designation  CPD Scheme Relevant to MCC Product Category
LCOI Ethics
Professional Banker Ethics
Chartered Banker Ethics
Certified Bank Director Ethics
FCOI (Ethics) Ethics
FCOI (Compliance) Ethics
CFCPP Ethics
CDPO Ethics
CECA Ethics
Wealth Management Professional Ethics
Regulatory Reporting Professional Ethics
Accredited Funds Professional Ethics
Board Member or Equivalent Ethics

A sanctions masterclass - when the dust settles, what next for compliance and enforcement?

  • 1 CPD Hour

    LCOI | FCOI (Compliance) | CFCPP | 

Note from IOB:
Hours also apply to QFAs and CPD Members of the LIA. Hours accredited for the Insurance categories (Personal, Commercial, PMI) also apply to CIPs and CPD Members of the III. 

Where an event has been accredited for QFA Personal General Insurance and/or Private Medical Insurance categories only, the event can only be recorded by QFAs who hold the Professional Certificate in General Insurance (for QFAs) (Bridge Examination in General Insurance) or QFAs who are grandfathered in these product categories.  

Date published: 14 October 2022