Opening remarks
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1. "An investigations masterclass"

Managing the challenging and often competing demands of parallel internal and external investigations can be a delicate balancing act. Based on real-life investigations, this masterclass offers practical solutions to best address issues such as HR challenges, regulatory/law enforcement requirements, governance issues, managing data and the key 'do's' and 'don'ts' in conducting investigations.

2. "Dealing with a dawn raid"

With the proliferation of regulation and enforcement authorities, businesses are at an increased risk of being subject to a dawn raid. This masterclass will provide a practical and step-by-step guide in dealing with a dawn raid. Our expert panel will share their direct experience and expertise to ensure that you are ready to deal with a dawn raid, irrespective of which enforcement authority appears.

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1. "The right to protest and it's impact on business"

Recently telecoms, banking, utility companies, law firms, insurance companies and the hospitality sector have all been targeted by protestors. This session will provide insights on how best to cope when productivity, reputation, and customers are all impacted by protest and focus on how businesses can respond.

2. "Managing regulatory inspections - your response and your regulatory relationship"

Inspections conducted by regulators can significantly impact your regulatory relationship, can drive the scope of supervisory measures your business faces and can sometimes lead to enforcement action.  However, any inspection is also an opportunity to build on your regulatory relationship. Hear from our team who regularly advise clients before, during and after regulatory inspections, from the Central Bank on how it plans for, runs and uses the output from inspections and from industry experts on overseeing inspections to build your regulatory relationship.

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1. "Navigating the global sanctions landscape – managing risk and compliance"

This session will map the global sanctions framework, discuss recent developments and provide useful guidance for Irish businesses on managing sanctions risk and compliance. We will explore the US sanctions regime which has global reach and identify key elements of the EU's own regime. To provide participants with context on current and future obligations, we will also cover the interplay between EU and US sanctions, Irish policy and UK developments.

2. "Crime investigation – the mechanisms and oversight of co-operation between law enforcement and industry on the gathering of evidence"
This session will discuss the legal mechanisms for data sharing co-operation by industry with law enforcement authorities, on a voluntary and / or compulsory basis. It will look at how Europe's law enforcement / data privacy regime compares with that of the US, the regulatory oversight by the DPC, and the current state of international co-operation on these issues.

3. "Your privilege – creating, managing and protecting legal advice"

Executive decision-making increasingly involves a consideration of a complex array of legal rights and regulatory obligations. As a result, legal advice has become intertwined with the commercial considerations which inform decisions made every day by companies and regulated entities. Companies need to understand what options are at their disposal and what the implications can be of waiving privilege in these types of situations. During this session we will discuss these issues and challenges focusing on the practicalities of creating, managing, using and protecting privileged legal advice.

In conversation with James H. Freis, Jr

*Sessions will be pre-recorded and broadcast at the advertised time