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  • State aid should be an important element in the Brexit negotiations (23 February 2017)

    Addressing the annual Competition Law and Transport Conference in Amsterdam recently, EU Law expert and Partner in A&L Goodbody, Dr Vincent Power, called for State Aid to be a key consideration in the forthcoming Brexit negotiations.

  • High Court Refuses to Review Rejections of Personal Insolvency Arrangements (21 February 2017)

    In two recent decisions the High Court considered the provisions of Section 115A(9) of the Personal Insolvency Acts 2012 to 2015 (The Acts). The Section provides that a Court can give effect to a Personal Insolvency Arrangement (PIA) despite it having been rejected by creditors. It was designed to enable a qualifying debtor to retain their principal private residence in certain circumstances.

  • Statement of Opposition in Judicial Review Must State Precisely Each Ground of Opposition (21 February 2017)

    Background Judicial review proceedings are governed by Order 84 of the Rules of the Superior Courts. Order 84, Rule 22 (5) states: "(5) It shall not be sufficient for a respondent in his statement of opposition to deny generally the grounds alleged by the statement grounding the application, but the respondent should state precisely each ground of opposition, giving particulars where appropriate, identify in respect of each such ground the facts or matters relied upon as supporting that ground, and deal specifically with each fact or matter relied upon in the statement grounding the application of which he does not admit the truth (except damages, where claimed)."

  • Legal issues affecting the waste sector - November 2016 (10 February 2017)

    Speaking at the recent Waste Management Ireland Conference, Alison Fanagan, joint head of the environment and planning group at A&L Goodbody, addressed four issues as follows:

  • Economic Migration - Sponsor's Obligations Case Update (09 February 2017)

    R (Raj and Knoll Ltd) v SSHD [2016] EWCA Civ 770 The Court of Appeal recently dismissed a judicial review application against the Secretary of State for the Home Department's (SSHD) decision to revoke and subsequently maintain the revocation of the appellant's Tier 2 Sponsor License. The Secretary of State's decision to terminate the license was predicated on the appellant's numerous failings in its obligation to comply with UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) guidance procedures.

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