Our Knowledge offering ensures that ALG lawyers and clients are up to date on legal developments, and in particular on the business impact of legal changes for businesses.

A&L Goodbody's knowledge systems capture and retrieve the firm’s accumulated expertise over many years. Based on that collective expertise, our dedicated award winning knowledge team creates top quality knowledge products, such as precedents, practice notes, guidance, checklists and other knowhow material. Knowledge ensures that expertise is shared across the firm as a whole and, most importantly, shared with our clients.

Training & Development

Our comprehensive training & development programme for clients centres around developing a balance of legal skills, business skills and people skills. We provide a number of online and event based learning sessions, which are eligible for CPD.  

Our training programmes comprise of lectures, seminars, work-shops, guest speakers and practical case studies. They are delivered by a combination of our own partners, senior lawyers, internal specialists and experienced external consultants.

Legal Tools & Resources

Our Knowledge team provides direct knowledge support to clients in a number of different ways. These services are offered free of charge as part of the value-added service we offer to clients

Legal Update Service

We provide a weekly on-line update of legal developments. These updates cover the areas of domestic, EU and relevant UK law. Regulatory developments are also addressed. The updates focus on the practical implications of what’s new and may be tailored to the specific needs of particular sectors of business, or the requirements of particular clients.

Client Knowlege Centre

The Knowledge Centre is an online resource of a range of useful know-how in the form of checklists, FAQs and practice notes across a number of practice areas including corporate, banking, employment, insolvency, procurement, discovery and litigation matters. It also provides access to copies of presentations from the firm-wide seminar programme. The training section contains online presentations which will qualify for CPD and there is a video gallery with some insights from the practice leaders on particular legal issues.

Knowledge Lawyer Helpline

We also offer clients direct access to our Knowledge Lawyer team. This facility enables clients to telephone or email the appropriate Knowledge Lawyer with informal queries relating to legal topics of interest.

Brain-Storming Sessions

Clients also have the opportunity to have informal discussions with a number of our specialist lawyers and practice leaders about (for example) specific business objectives which they may be considering, or an assessment of potential legal obstacles facing them and a discussion about possible solutions - all in a relaxed environment and without incurring legal costs.

Knowledge Management Consultancy Services

Our Knowledge Manager’s expertise is in the development and assessment of know-how databases, intranet knowledge pages, knowledge extranets and advising on the use of more sophisticated knowledge systems such as federated search systems, enterprise search and knowledge portals. Our Knowledge Manager can assist with, and provide advice on these matters.

Legal CPD Tracker App

A&L Goodbody's CPD Tracker App helps in-house lawyers and legal professionals to log CPD records on the go and automatically calculates your outstanding CPD requirements. All CPD information may, at the touch of a button, be exported to your email. It also has a list of FAQs relating to CPD requirements. The CPD Tracker App, is available to download for free on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.