An increasingly global business community needs global thinking.

By working with many of the world's largest multi-national companies for nearly 50 years, we have developed a deep understanding and knowledge of international markets and business practices.  We bring this global perspective to all our clients, both domestic and foreign, whether you are investing into or out or Ireland or involved in cross border, multi-national assignments.

Our international expertise is underpinned by our presence in the UK and USA, where our lawyers provide Irish legal advice to multi-national corporations and the international business community. This is supported by a number of initiatives specific to jurisdictions including China, India, Germany, Japan and Canada.

Our North America presence

We have been providing Irish legal advice to US corporates for decades.  We were the first Irish law firm to open a US office, opening in New York in 1978. Since then, our US offices have been at the forefront in advising US clients on some of the most high profile, innovative and complex transactions involving Ireland and the United States.

Through our New York, San Francisco and Palo Alto offices we advise US corporations, financial institutions, investment banks and private equity firms on Irish law. We regularly partner with the best law firms in the US to deliver advice to our US clients.

Ireland and Canada enjoy strong trade links with investment and capital flowing between the two countries. Our Canada Programme focuses on maximising this relationship and we have developed a broad base of Canadian clients across many sectors.

Our European presence

The UK market has been an integral part of our business for many decades. We have longstanding working relationships across the UK business and legal community. This is based on many years of providing Irish law advice on some of the most significant and complex transactions involving Irish, UK and international corporations.

We opened a permanent office in London in 1988; now in Austin Friars in the heart of the City. Our London office is an important part of our relationship with the UK and international business community. Through this office we also advise Irish corporates who are doing business in the UK by leading and project managing the process and working closely with local lawyers and other advisors.

In 2007 we opened an office in Belfast providing UK law advice to clients in Northern Ireland. Now one of the largest legal practices in Northern Ireland, we service a broad range of clients across all sectors and practice areas. Due to the very close commercial ties between Ireland and Northern Ireland, Belfast is critical in our firm providing an all-island offering to our many cross-border clients.

Since the formation of the European Union, Germany has been a strong trading partner for Ireland with many German companies establishing operations or investing here. Our German Programme has, for many years, serviced leading German corporations across a wide range of sectors.

Our Asia presence

In 2010 we established our China Programme to focus on the growing trade and investment between Ireland and China. Chinese investment into the EU has grown significantly in recent years, across all sectors, with many Chinese corporations using Ireland as the gateway into Europe. Our Chinese Lawyer Programme sees Chinese lawyers from its leading firms working with A&L Goodbody in Dublin, as well as our lawyers working in China.

We have a dedicated India Programme with a team of lawyer who focus on developing our India related work. We have advised Indian companies on a range of corporate, tax, intellectual property and finance matters as they look to invest in Ireland.

For many years we have advised many of the leading Japanese corporations who have invested or set up operation in Ireland. Our Japan Programme is designed to maximise on these trade links and we have developed strong relationships with many Japanese law firms.