A&L Goodbody has a focussed Asia business group and a long history of working closely with businesses and law firms from many countries in the region.

Our focus and expertise support the growing trade and investment between Ireland and Asia including China, Japan, India, Hong Kong, South Korea and Singapore. Investment from the region into the EU has grown significantly in recent years, with many corporations using Ireland as the gateway to Europe and into the EU market, across many industry sectors, in particular aviation, technology, asset management, financial services and real estate.

ALG have worked with many of these corporations who have invested or set up operations in Ireland.  In addition we have long standing relationships with many of the leading law firms and universities in Asia, having invested over many years in these important relationships.

We work closely with IDA Ireland, are active members of the Ireland China Business AssociationIreland India Business Association, and the Ireland Japan Chamber of Commerce and pro-actively support the Irish Government’s strategy of developing strong links with and real investment opportunities for the Asian business community in Ireland.