European Commission Report on the Functioning of the Directive on the Reporting for Ships Arriving in and/or Departing From EU Ports

Directive 2010/65 deals with the reporting formalities for ships arriving in and/or departing from ports of EU Member States.  It aim was to simplify and harmonise some of the reporting procedures by establishing a standard electronic transmission of information and by rationalising reporting formalities for ships arriving in, and ships departing from, EU Member State ports thereby reducing the administrative burden for all concerned. 

On 25 June 2014, the European Commission adopted a report on the functioning of Directive 2010/65.  The report dealt with the following five issues: (a) the progress made towards harmonisation and co-ordination of reporting formalities (the implementation of the so-called “National Single Window”); (b) the availability of data concerning ship traffic/movement within the EU, and/or calling at third country ports; (c) the feasibility of avoiding or simplifying formalities for ships that have called at a port in a third country or free zone; (d) the compatibility of the River Information Services with the electronic data transmission process; and (e) the possibility of extending the simplification introduced by Directive 2010/65 to inland waterway transport.

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