A&L Goodbody hosts Brexit business event with British Irish Chamber of Commerce

A&L Goodbody was delighted to host a private Brexit business event with the British Irish Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, 6 October. Guest speaker and renowned businessman Niall FitzGerald KBE DSA, addressed an audience of leading business people about the implications of Brexit for Ireland and the possible opportunities which lie ahead. 

A&L Goodbody hosts Brexit business event with British Irish Chamber of Commerce

Pictured L-R: John McGrane, Director General, British Irish Chamber of Commerce, Niall FitzGerald KBE DSA and Julian Yarr, Managing Partner, A&L Goodbody

As Patron of the British Irish Chamber of Commerce, Mr FitzGerald has been guiding the Chamber’s diplomatic and commercial endeavours in the post-Referendum space between the UK and Ireland. Speaking at the event, Mr FitzGerald stated the importance of preserving the special relationship between Ireland and the UK post-Brexit: “For as long the UK remains little more than an hour from Ireland, the UK and Ireland will remain closest neighbours. Our communities, and our businesses, are joined at the economic and social hip, and while Brexit will make it more challenging to operate our relationship, it will certainly not end it.”

Mr FitzGerald also called on the Government to implement an ambitious Strategic Plan for Ireland post-Brexit: “We need a really strategic plan for Ireland. A plan that is clear about what has changed, how this enhances our attractiveness and what our global FDI proposition delivers. We now have the unique attraction as the naturally English-speaking, pro-business, easily accessible, euro-denominated EU member state with a truly open and diverse society, and highly-educated young talent.”

Julian Yarr, Managing Partner at A&L Goodbody, also addressed those in attendance and said: "Ireland and the UK have incredibly close trading links and it's vital that this continues post Brexit, for both countries. Therefore the role that the British Irish Chamber, as well as the roles of government and businesses like ourselves, play in the discussions and decisions is really important. Ireland is one of the most attractive destinations for international corporates establishing sophisticated operations.  We are therefore extremely well positioned to facilitate businesses who post Brexit require a European hub to continue servicing their customers in Europe and elsewhere."

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Date Published: 24 October 2016