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In line with increased regulatory activity, our monthly Tracker newsletter has become a much longer publication over recent years. We are conscious that this might result in Tracker becoming unwieldy and deviating from its purpose as a short synopsis of key developments, and as a result we have made some changes. Tracker will now cover only key Irish and European (non-jurisdiction specific) developments.


ESMA Consultation Paper on the development of MiFIR guidelines

ESMA has published a Consultation Paper on the development of MiFIR guidelines. It is seeking views on the following areas: clock synchronisation, order record keeping, reference data and transaction reporting. Comments can be submitted up to 23 March 2016.

ESMA Guidelines on Cross-Selling Practices under MiFID II now applicable

ESMA has published Guidelines under MiFID II which seek to protect investors offered packages containing two or more financial products or services. The Guidelines address communications with investors, including in relation to disclosures when cross-selling, improving client understanding that purchasing individual products, as distinct from an entire package is possible and the provision of information to investors. The Guidelines also address conflicts of interest arising from remuneration models.

For further information please contact a member of the Financial Regulation team.

Date published: 03 February 2016