Experience: Advertising and Marketing Law

  • A large supermarket retailer on various promotional campaigns, including comparative advertising campaigns against competitors.
  • An optician and hearing care provider on all aspects of its advertising and marketing campaigns.
  • Defending various clients in District Court prosecutions brought by the Data Protection Commissioner for direct marketing offences. 
  • A global technology company on the compliance of their global affiliate programme with Irish law requirements.
  • Defending various clients on both the issuance and defence of complaints to the ASAI and the CCPC.
  • A global technology company on promotional campaigns, including those with a lottery element and/or a charitable link and where necessary, making applications to the District Court for a lottery licence.
  • A global advertising and marketing agency on influencer agreements and the content of associated social media marketing by the influencer.
  • A large car manufacturer on promotional materials and customer engagement.
  • Global pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies on the marketing of their products and product labelling requirements.