A Guide to Investing in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland has a highly educated, English-speaking workforce, an excellent infrastructure with advanced telecoms and transport networks, a competitive cost environment and very attractive incentive packages for those seeking to invest in local business. Over 1,000 foreign investors and a multitude of investors from the rest of the UK have chosen to locate here. Outside of Greater London, Northern Ireland has continuously been one of the most successful regions in the UK for attracting inward investment based on the number of projects won on a per capita basis.

Following Brexit, Northern Ireland is uniquely placed as a bridge for investors into Europe. As a member of the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland benefits from the political and financial stability of a G7 country. Northern Ireland also remains within the EU single market under the terms of the Northern Ireland protocol and the recently agreed Windsor Framework. As a result, businesses in Northern Ireland have unrestricted access to two of the world’s largest economies.

Why A&L Goodbody?

A&L Goodbody is a leading corporate law firm located in Belfast, Northern Ireland, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland and with offices in London, New York, San Francisco and Palo Alto. These offices are supported by initiatives specific to other jurisdictions, including China, India, Germany and Canada. This enables us to provide a 24/7 service to our international clients and is why we are regularly engaged to advise foreign investors on setting up operations in Northern Ireland.

From our offices in Northern Ireland, Ireland, London and the US we, have partnered with countless international companies, from global enterprises to fast growing venture-backed start-ups. We have worked to seamlessly guide them through the full range of legal, tax and commercial issues that arise when doing business in Northern Ireland. Leveraging this expertise and know-how, we can provide innovative, and cost effective, legal solutions to support you and your business as you embark on your path to international expansion.