Application tips

Click below to view our top application tips. These are designed to give you a general direction on the application process. Don't forget to be yourself and let your personality shine through. Think about exactly what you would like to include on your application and what a corporate law firm might look for/expect in a candidate.

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Give yourself enough time to complete your application.

Don’t leave it until the last minute where you can be rushed and make mistakes.

Take time to read over your application and have someone review it for you.

Keep your language formal.

Make sure to check your grammar and spell check your application thoroughly.

Make sure your answers are clear, concise.

Make sure you have given your answers consideration and that they are well thought out.

Provide examples to support your answers.

Make sure to tell us as much about yourself as you can so we get a sense of who you are!

Demonstrate that you know what a corporate law firm is and why you want to become a corporate lawyer.

Try to demonstrate that you are aware of the latest news and current affairs.

Tell us about a time when you challenged yourself out of your comfort zone.

Demonstrate resilience and provide us with examples.