Interview tips

Click below to view our top interview tips. These are designed to give you a general focus for your interview preparation.

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Make sure you research the firm and are on top of the latest current affairs to show your commerical awareness skills.

Always prepare some mock questions and practice.

Be sure that you have read through and know your application form.

Make sure you give yourself enough time and arrive early to avoid rushing and being late.

Plan your route in advance to avoid any unnessasary stress.

Before entering your interview make sure you switch your mobile phone off.

Listen carefully to the questions be asked.

Provide clear and considered answers.

Make sure to prepare four to six examples that you can use accordingly to back up your answers.

Smile and be enthusiastic. Show your interest in the postion and firm.

Dress to impress as first impressions count!

Build a rapport with your interviewer.

Good body language and eye contact.

Take a moment to gather your thoughts.

Ask the interviewer to repeat the question.

Answer the questions as best you can.

Remember the interviewerer wants you to succeed!