Click below to view a list of our frequently asked questions or for further information on our LawStart Programme please contact us.

You can discuss the prospect of a LawStart Day with our Graduate Talent team by contacting us here.

Our LawStart Programme is open to applicants from all degree backgrounds and is aimed at students in their first year of their degree.

We host four LawStart Days each year - two in January and two in May. 

Yes, you can apply for your preferred LawStart Day. We do our very best to accommodate your preferred dates.

No, you are not eligible to apply for the LawStart Programme. However, you can apply for our Summer Internship Programme. You can find out more about our Summer Internship Programme here.

We have approximately 15-20 students on each of our LawStart days.

You can expect to meet with our Graduate Talent Partners, the Graduate Talent team, work shadow a trainee solicitor and get some application advice and tips for our Trainee Solicitor Programme. At the end of the day you should have a better understanding of how a corporate law firm works and what the role of the trainee solicitor involves.

No, there is no interview for the LawStart Programme. You just submit your application form online. All application forms are reviewed by associates in the firm and then we let you know whether or not your application is successful.