1. So you've been hacked: how to manage the legal, regulatory and reputational risks of a cyberattack

2. Culture in Action – Practical steps to enhance your organisation's compliance culture

1. The buck stops here – Managing personal liability risk for senior management and directors

2. Individual Accountability – Your first year living the Individual Accountability Framework and SEAR

3. How to avoid sweating the small (and not so small) stuff: managing operational risks in an internal investigation

1. Freshly laundered: Perspectives on AML

2. When business meets politics – managing the risk of interaction with government and the public sector

3.ESG & sustainability – balancing the legal and regulatory corporate risks on the horizon against the dawning global opportunities

Derville Rowland, Director General, Financial Conduct will deliver a keynote speech outlining the Central Bank's vision for the Individual Accountability Framework, reflecting on over a decade of the Central Bank of Ireland's use of enforcement as a credible deterrence to raise standards in the financial services sector and looking to the future regulatory strategy for effective enforcement. 

Derville will then be joined by ALG's Dario Dagostino for a short Q&A interview on the Individual Accountability Framework and the future of enforcement.