Overview of A&L Goodbody 律所簡介

A&L Goodbody is internationally recognised as one of Ireland’s leading law firms. We are continually instructed on the most significant, high value and complex legal work in Ireland. Our culture is to instinctively collaborate for the success of our clients. This enables us to deliver the highest quality solutions for our clients, in ways others may not think of.

A&L Goodbody 是国际公认的爱尔兰顶级律师事务所之一,多年来在爱尔兰一直致力于高端、优质及复杂的法律工作。我们的理念是致力于客户的成功与辉煌。这使得我们能够向客户提供无以伦比的解决方案。

Established more than 100 years ago, we are an “all-island” law firm with offices in Dublin and Belfast. We also have offices in London, New York, San Francisco and Palo Alto and a particular focus on China.


The Firm provides a full range of market-leading business legal services through our corporate, banking and financial services, corporate tax, litigation and dispute resolution, commercial property, employment, pensions and incentives departments. The Firm offers the most extensive range of specialist services available in Ireland through our 30 Specialist Practice Groups.

本所下设公司部、银行和融资服务部、公司税法部、诉讼和争议解决部、商业房地产部、劳动部、退休金及福利部等多个部门,并拥有 30 多个专业团队,致力于为客户提供全方位、高质量的爱尔兰法律专业服务。

A&L Goodbody's relationship with China (Chinese version) from A&L Goodbody on Vimeo.


A&L Goodbody's relationship with China from A&L Goodbody on Vimeo.

A&L Goodbody is one of Ireland’s largest and most successful law firms with an extensive and top class client list, representing hundreds of internationally known names and global blue chip corporations across all industry sectors including General Electric, Pfizer, Genzyme, Ranbaxy, Citi Group, RBS, JP Morgan, CSFB, UBS, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Northern Trust, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Scientific Games, Kraft, Nestle, Yoplait, Tesco, Heineken, Pernod Ricard, Campari, Anglo American Corporation, Airbus, Aviva, Zurich, XL, Munich Re, KPMG and Ernst & Young, many of whom have operations in China as well as Ireland.

A&L Goodbody是爱尔兰规模最大、运作最成功的律师事务所之一,拥有众多的一流客户,为各行业数以百计的国际知名公司提供法律服务,包括通用电气、辉瑞、健赞、兰伯西、花旗集团、巴克莱、苏格兰皇家银行、摩根大通、瑞士信贷第一波士顿银行、瑞士银行、德意志银行、汇丰银行、北方信托、苹果、微软、IBM、英特尔、科学游戏公司、卡夫、雀巢、优诺、乐购、喜力、保乐力加、金巴利、英美资源集团公司、空中客车、英杰华、Zurich、XL、慕尼黑再保险公司、毕马威、安永等。上述很多公司均在中国和爱尔兰设有营运机构。

On the domestic front, we act for many leading Irish companies including Ryanair, AIB Bank, Bank of Ireland, Elan Corporation, EBS, Irish Ferries and Icon, as well as a large number of departments and units of the Irish Government, including its real estate management company (NAMA), its financial services division (NTMA) and a number of semi state companies, local government authorities and other participants in the state sector, including Bord Gáis Éireann, the Electricity Supply Board (ESB), Bord na Móna and the Railway Procurement Agency (RPA).

在爱尔兰境内,我们为众多领先的爱尔兰公司代理法律事务,包括瑞安航空、爱尔兰联合银行、爱尔兰银行、Elan公司、EBS、爱尔兰渡轮公司、爱康、爱尔兰足协(FAI),同时还为爱尔兰很多众多政府机构及部门提供法律服务,包括其房地产管理公司NAMA、 财政服务机构NTMA和许多准(半)国有企业,以及地方政府机构和其他政府部门,包括爱尔兰燃气局、供电局、Bord na Mona、铁路采购代办所 (RPA)。

We also act for a number of leading Chinese companies, including China Aircraft Leasing Company, Hutchison Whampoa and Treasury Holdings, the Irish parent of Shanghai-based real estate company, Treasury China Trust.


We have a particular focus on China. We see great opportunities for collaboration between Ireland and China in terms of both outbound and inbound investment. We have a dedicated “China group”, which is a multi-disciplinary team of our lawyers focused on developing opportunities between our two countries and beyond. Members of our Group have experience of working in legal practice in the region, in particular Beijing and Hong Kong, and have advised on many aspects of Chinese law. The team supports the Firm’s long-standing international strategy to focusing to provide advice and support to clients in relation to their Chinese business interests and to Chinese companies looking at business or investment opportunities in Ireland.

我们对中国予以特别关注。在境外投资和境内投资方面, 我们看到爱尔兰和中国之间存在众多的合作机会。我们成立了专门的“中国团队”, 该团队由本所多部门不同专业领域的律师组成, 专注于开拓两国或超越两国间的合作机遇。团队成员均在中国相关区域特别是北京和香港具备法律执业经验, 并对与中国法律相关的事项提供咨询服务。该团队积极支持事务所的长期国际化战略,为客户在中国的业务发展意向提供建议和协助, 并为在爱尔兰寻求开展业务或投资机遇的中国公司提供建议和支持。

We have developed working relationships with many of the top independent business law firms in China particularly through our Chinese Lawyers Programme, with whom we consult on Chinese legal matters and interact with on all aspects of Irish and European law. Our team regularly visits China in support of client work. From this work and the insights we have gained from our Chinese colleagues in our Dublin office we have a very good knowledge and respect for Chinese business culture and how best to progress transactions in China’s regulatory environment and legal system.

我们通过中国律师项目等方式与诸多顶尖的中国律师事务所开展合作。我们向这些中国律师事务所咨询中国法律事务并在爱尔兰和欧盟法律方面进行相互交流;我们的团队定期访问中国以协助客户开展工作。通过这些工作以及都柏林办公的中国同事, 我们全面而深入地理解了中国的商业文化以及如何以最佳的方式在中国的监管环境和法律体系下开展交易。

We have forged extensive links with many Chinese trade groups, chambers of commerce, embassies and consulates. We are represented on or involved with many legal and business associations with a presence in China, including the Ireland China Association, the Hong Kong Business Forum, the Industrial Development Authority, Enterprise Ireland and the International Bar Association.

我们与众多中国商业集团、商会、大使和领事有着密切联系。我们代理或参与了许多涉及中国的法律和商业组织, 包括爱尔兰中国协会、香港商业论坛、工业发展局、爱尔兰企业署和国际律师协会。