Cultural Diversity

Cultural diversity recognises the importance of a variety of cultural and/or ethnic groups in the workplace, and the benefits that are derived from such diversity.  At A&L Goodbody, we strive to celebrate and value cultural differences. Our commitment to create a culturally diverse workplace can be demonstrated by numerous initiatives our firm has undertaken to date such as:  

  • The establishment of a cultural diversity group to focus on raising awareness, understanding and celebrating the multiple cultures that make up our people
  • The creation and development of international programmes with a variety of countries, for example, China, India, Germany, Canada, and Japan
  • Language groups made up of employees who are proficient in speaking different languages
  • Celebrating cultural holidays such as World Day for Cultural Diversity
  • Hosting virtual events such as Come Culturally Dine with Us, and cultural coffee morning to showcase desserts created by our employees from different countries

We are committed to ensuring our policies and work practices continue to promote an all-inclusive workplace. Our culturally diverse talent and workplace enables us to maximise our creativity and innovation through different viewpoints, and to reflect the cultural diversity we see in our clients and communities. 

Take a look at our world map below which illustrates some of the countries we are from.