Green Commercial Technology

Climate and environmental challenges and digital transformation are changing people's lives and how businesses, societies and economies operate.

The European Green Deal is clear in its message that promotion of, and investment in, technology is essential to achieve a climate-neutral and clean circular economy. Digital transformation provides essential tools to enable Europe to attain the sustainability goals of the Green Deal in many different sectors.

The EU Commission and the UN, among other organisations, have committed to exploring measures to ensure that digitisation can accelerate and maximise the impact of climate action and environmental protection policy. From the sensors and intelligent controls that monitor energy consumption and our environment to the artificial intelligence and cloud technologies that allow us to gain insights from that data, and the 5G and other next-generation networks that connect it all together, digitalisation is critical to create an environmentally and socially sustainable economic model for the future.

As the oil of the green economy, data also has a crucial role. Systems to monitor, optimise and automate energy use, smart grids, smart transport and logistic systems, smart building and processes in agriculture, industry and manufacturing will generate vast amounts of data. Data analysis and sharing has a huge role to play in historic climate analysis and future prediction to enable knowledge based and impactful climate action decisions. Creating and maintaining an appropriate regulatory framework to allow that data to flow freely while securing Europe's networks and protecting privacy will be critical.

The technology sector will deliver solutions, but the European Commission also recognises in its Communication on Shaping Europe's Digital Future that the sector must undergo its own green transformation to become more sustainable, with a focus on the footprint of data centres and digital infrastructure, raw materials extraction and electronic waste.


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