Administration & Trustee Services

The A&L Goodbody Incentives team provides a bespoke share plan administration facility for clients. We administer Revenue approved profit sharing plans as well as unapproved executive share incentive plans. The Group also provides trustee and nominee services for share plans in conjunction with the firm’s trustee company, Goodbody Trustees Limited.

Our services include:

  • Preparing or reviewing plan rules and employee documentation.
  • Liaising with company and brokers on share purchases.
  • Setting up and maintaining bank account and handling funds for share purchases.
  • Maintaining record of share awards.
  • Preparing annual statements for employees and the company.
  • Advice and assistance with any filings required under Irish company law, securities law, tax law and/or under Irish Listing Rules.
  • Filings in connection with a plan e.g. trust tax returns where we act as trustee.
  • Calculating and issuing any dividends due on shares.
  • Taking instructions from employees and effecting transfers or sales as necessary.
  • Dealing with the consequences of a corporate transaction or capital reorganisation e.g. takeover, bonus issue, rights issue.

We are uniquely placed to offer a one-stop service to clients and our trustee and administration facility. Together with our tax and legal expertise, we can assist companies in managing the day-to day aspects of share incentive plans, as well as the risks arising from an increasingly complex legal and regulatory environment.