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Feven Yohannes

Feven Yohannes

Everyone is very inclusive and very good at teaching.

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The main reason I decided to join ALG is the training programme. I got a really good insight into the traineeship while doing my internship, and the quality of the programme.
Feven Yohannes

Feven Yohannes

I joined ALG through a summer internship that I completed in 2019. What I'm most proud of so far is a firm wide presentation I took part in during Ramadan. I got the opportunity to talk about what Ramadan is, what it means, and it was a really great opportunity. As a trainee I got to meet a lot of people from across the firm.

The most beneficial training that I've received so far is the workshops that we get to take part in during our seats. They are usually delivered by the partners and experts in the field, which is very beneficial.

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