Advertising & Marketing Law

Advertising and marketing have always been critical to establishing brand recognition and loyalty. Traditional promotional practices are evolving in the digital ecosystem, with consumer spending being increasingly driven by influencers/bloggers and social media marketing. The main advertising and consumer watchdogs, the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland (the ASAI) and the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (the CCPC) are taking note of these developments. Both regulators have made clear their intention to ensure compliance with the relevant laws and codes in the publication of online promotional content.

A&L Goodbody's advertising and marketing lawyers are available to help businesses to navigate this developing regulatory framework. Our team provides comprehensive commercially focused legal and regulatory advice on all types of promotional campaigns across various media formats. We have extensive experience advising businesses on contentious advertising issues, including regulatory prosecutions, complaints from consumers and competitors, and disputes arising from comparative advertising campaigns.


  • A large supermarket retailer

    on various promotional campaigns, including comparative advertising campaigns against competitors.

  • An optician and hearing care provider

    on all aspects of its advertising and marketing campaigns.

  • Defending various clients

    in District Court prosecutions brought by the Data Protection Commissioner for direct marketing offences.

  • A global technology company

    on the compliance of their global affiliate programme with Irish law requirements.

  • Clients across a number of sectors

    on making and defending complaints to the ASAI and the CCPC.

  • A global technology company

    on promotional campaigns, including those with a lottery element and/or a charitable link and where necessary, making applications to the District Court for a lottery licence.

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