Technology Solutions

The lawyers on ALG's IAF team have worked closely with our ALG Solutions team in developing enhanced means of supporting our clients in the IAF implementation process.

ALG Solutions can provide supports to assist clients in the SEAR/IAF process.


Understanding the resource demands that the IAF will put on your organisation. ALG can provide dedicated resources to you, on site or off-site, to progress document and information collation, driving your IAF project.


ALG's investment in technology can help store, process and manage the complexity of information and scope of documents to be reviewed and produced, as well as the efficiency of legal and regulatory review, during your IAF project.

Project management

ALG can provide dedicated project management resources to manage all of your scheduling and planning requirements to deliver on time and to budget, including resource plans, delivery of milestones, interview and briefing scheduling and required reporting.

Advantages of using ALG Solutions Model:

  • Free up resources in your legal and compliance teams
  • Act as a dedicated line between your internal teams and ALG's legal and regulatory team
  • Utilises flexible pricing models for resource support to meet your project demands

  • Act as a repository of information and documentation
  • Synthesise complex information and present it in a clear and concise format
  • Improve the efficiency of legal and regulatory review during your project
  • Provide live updates on the progress of the IAF project
  • Create a picture of your organisation as a whole

ALG's PM function ensures:

  • Close engagement with ALG and client team resources without necessity or cost of additional third-party consultants
  • A dovetail with your business team to maximise efficiency through strong planning and delivery of key milestones to budget and schedule