Global Fund Registration Services

The Global Fund Registration Services team at A&L Goodbody has been assisting clients to register their funds for sale in other jurisdictions for over 20 years and has one of the most experienced teams in the marketplace. The team comprises a dedicated group of experienced funds professionals who provide a seamless service to clients, centrally managing all aspects of the registration process across the target jurisdictions.

We offer a dedicated service, centrally managing all aspects of the registration process across the target jurisdictions. Together with an established international network of local law firms and relationships with translation service providers, paying agents and other relevant providers, the team aims to make the registration process as straightforward as possible for clients. This centralised service should significantly reduce the cost burdens on fund promoters and allow a speedier access to local markets.

Innovative solutions

A&L Goodbody has developed a Global Fund Registrations Platform which is a customised user-friendly digital workspace enabling our clients to access key distribution data and documentation, as well as issue instructions to our Global Fund Registrations team and track the progress of existing tasks. This secure platform enables the user to see at a glance where each fund is registered, access documentation for each jurisdiction, and view the requirements for marketing and distribution in other specific jurisdictions, including costs and timeframes. This platform can be customised to meet specific client requirements. Please contact us to request a demonstration.


The team will:

  • Manage the registration process centrally from beginning to end
  • Prepare all documentation required for submission to the Central Bank of Ireland (CBI) and to regulators in the local jurisdiction(s)
  • Liaise with the CBI in respect of the required regulatory notifications and make all necessary filings with them
  • Review country supplements for compliance with Irish requirements
  • Liaise with local counsel where necessary, for example, to update country supplements
  • Arrange translation of documents, including Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs), where necessary
  • Liaise with host state regulators in respect of filings that may be made directly with them
  • Assist on all ongoing filing and reporting requirements of the CBI and local regulators
  • Assist with the selection of local representatives and paying agents, where required
  • Facilitate efficient client tracking of registration status and documentation
  • Submission of semi-annual and annual financial statements and any other financial reports where required to host regulators
  • Co-ordinate the payment of initial registration fees with the local regulator
  • Respond to comments or queries in relation to the registrations
  • Arrange for documents to be certified, and notarised, if required
  • Obtain UCITS certificate/marketing letter from the CBI