White Collar Crime

A&L Goodbody was the first law firm in Ireland to develop a specialist White Collar Crime Group. Our team has extensive experience of dealing with law enforcement issues, investigations by all the Irish regulators and also in working with regulators in other jurisdictions in transnational matters. At all times, we strive to protect our clients from being sanctioned and also from the reputational consequences that can flow from a criminal/regulatory investigation.



  • First anti-money laundering compliance prosecution

    to be brought before the Irish courts.

  • A leading charity

    in relation to a cross jurisdictional investigation by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) in Washington and impacting on the U.S., Ireland, Turkey, Syria and the U.K.

  • Several multinationals

    in international investigations into alleged financial irregularities by the Irish authorities and their counterparts in other jurisdictions.

  • Companies

    in relation to investigations by the Health Products Regulatory Agencyin relation to investigations by the Health Products Regulatory Agency (HPRA) and the conduct of interviews under caution.

  • Clients

    on their reporting obligations under anti money laundering legislation and in dealing with the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB).

  • Engaging with the Garda National Economic Crime Bureau (GNECB)

    on behalf of clients in relation to various criminal law investigations.

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