Health & Safety

A&L Goodbody has over 30 years of market-leading experience in Health & Safety law. We advise on compliance with companies' health and safety obligations (including PSCS and PSDP obligations), and we assist companies with effective responses to enforcement action. Our experienced team offers timely, focussed and commercial advice on taking effective action when an incident occurs, including fatalities. We advise on the immediate steps to be taken, interactions with the HSA, and the conduct of internal investigations. Advice on issues of legal privilege, and individual representation for managers and directors, are also part of our expertise.


  • A multinational retailer

    on the successful appeal of an Improvement Notice relating to manual handling served by the Health and Safety Authority.

  • Ferrovial Agroman (Ireland)

    on the successful defence of a criminal prosecution of alleged health and safety breaches brought by the DPP in the Circuit Criminal Court following a fatality.

  • A multi-national infrastructure company

    on all aspects of a regulatory investigation following a fatality.

  • A management consultancy

    on health and safety obligations relating to mobile workers and employees on secondment.

  • A bank

    on establishing a policy on health and safety obligations potentially arising in respect of secured assets.

  • Four wind farm companies

    on the requirements to have a site specific safety statement in place.

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