Regulation of Lobbying

The practice of lobbying in Ireland is subject to ever-increasing regulation and scrutiny. New, tighter rules are set to expand the scope of lobbying law and enhance enforcement, with the introduction of a new anti-avoidance offence and a new civil sanctions regime for lobbyists who evade disclosure obligations. In addition to growing legal risk, there is also significant scope for reputational exposure. As society increasingly demands transparency and accountability in public and political decision-making, compliance with lobbying regulation can be a business-critical issue.

We have extensive experience advising on all aspects of lobbying law and regulation, including compliance, enforcement and reputational issues, both pre and post-engagement. We provide practical and commercial advice to a wide variety of clients across multiple sectors – including businesses, industry and advocacy bodies, and charitable organisations – on:

  • the scope of lobbying regulation;
  • registration and disclosure obligations;
  • the content of filings;
  • internal compliance processes and policies; and
  • restrictions on employment of former public officials.

Our expert lawyers also advise on managing interaction with the Standards in Public Office Commission (SIPO), the regulatory agency responsible for enforcement of Irish lobbying law and the maintenance of the Lobbying Register.

In addition to advising on the Irish domestic lobbying regime, we also advise on compliance with EU lobbying / interest representation rules and the requirements of the EU Transparency Register.


  • Advising a listed US multinational

    on Irish and EU lobbying / Transparency Register registration and disclosure requirements and filings.

  • Advising an industry body

    on engagement with SIPO relating to non-compliance with disclosure requirements.

  • Advising a representative body

    on regulatory / enforcement-related engagement with SIPO in relation to its filings.

  • Advising a listed pharma company

    on Irish and EU lobbying obligations and internal compliance procedures.

  • Advising a global technology company

    on Irish disclosure requirements.

  • Advising an electrofuels company

    on Irish and EU lobbying / Transparency Register registration and disclosure requirements.