Data Projects

Who we are

The Data Projects group is a lawyer led multi-disciplinary team of lawyers, e-discovery experts, project managers and legal review analysts. The team is Ireland's most experienced eDiscovery and Data Projects group offering end to end data projects services.

What we do

The Data Projects group provides a fully integrated function within ALG's service delivery model.  The group works seamlessly with all departments across ALG to provide clients with best in class assistance for small, medium and large data projects from simple DSARs to Court ordered discoveries and complex regulatory investigations or dawn raids.

ALG is the only law firm in Ireland with:

  • the industry leading RelativityOne platform
  • bespoke workflows designed by lawyers, built by Ireland's only certified RelativityOne Master
  • a fully integrated end to end data projects service delivery model
  • experience using Artifical intelligence in a criminal investigation; and
  • ensuring clients comply fully with their legal obligations in the most cost effective and efficient way possible.  

How we do it

The Data Projects team engages with clients as early as possible to scope and develop a robust, proportionate and legally defensible project plan.The group assists clients with the management of each stage of their data project by assessing the scope of the project and assisting them with managing their project through each stage of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) using the following methods:

  • data identification
  • data extraction
  • data processing, culling, de-deduplication, email threading
  • appropriateness of using advanced analytics or Artifical Intelligence
  • review and production of relevant documents

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